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" 静 と 動 "      杉浦 光

2014 . 12 . 4 (木) -  27 (土)

オープニングレセプション 12 / 6(土)18:00











" Stillness " and  " Motion "

2014 . 12 . 4 thu -  27 sat

opening reception  12 / 6  sat  18:00



 I was interested in a process when I made a relationship and the screen of things and found the relationship from various how to describe and produced the work which connected them. I take up an act to establish a point in that, difference in movement when I scattered paint, contrast characteristics of two acts and produce it. I thought it to have possibilities to express that I was not reflected by the picture in the reality by expressing it to one screen.


This work features the theme of "stillness" and "motion". Feelings, speculation, an internal feeling including the thought, "the motion" exercise, and "the stillness" expresses the external movement including the action. I think that they are the phenomena that are indispensable to a human being. "The stillness" sketches "phenomenon", and "the motion" tries that I express it by spray of water.


When I produced it, the sketch let you have a daily trace and thought, and the spray of water let a shock and the speculation of instant remain.


Contrastive relations but "stillness" and "the motion" that I am related to closely.


"Stillness" and "the motion" that a person originally has appear as one work by an action and a phenomenon not to be established if there are not two phenomena appearing on a screen.